The Three Musketeers Anime Songs Lyrics

Anime Sanjuushi
The Three Musketeers Anime Songs Lyrics


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The Three Musketeers Anime Songs
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Anime Information

Title:The Three Musketeers Anime

Also Called:Anime Sanjuushi


Released on year:1987

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:52


In a realm where magic and science collide, the ancient tapestry of adventure unfurls. Millennia ago, the world was divided by the divine hand, birthing Elde, a realm of scientific marvels, and Fandavale, a realm brimming with mystical wonders. Yet, darkness loomed as Cendrillon, a malevolent witch, finds herself resurrected, harboring ambitions to control both worlds. To achieve her nefarious goals, she relentlessly quests for the elusive "key," a source of unimaginable power. Amidst this swirling turmoil, fate intertwines the paths of Sōta, a curious youth hailing from Elde, and a mysterious girl named Akazukin from Fandavale. Accompanied by her wise, wolf companion Val, Akazukin discovers that Sōta is the very key sought by Cendrillon. A weighty responsibility now rests upon their shoulders as Akazukin, Val, and a courageous band of Fairy Musketeers unite to safeguard Sōta from the clutches of Cendrillon and her fearsome Nightmarelians who covet his enigmatic abilities. Brace yourselves for a riveting tale where valor clashes with darkness, and the extraordinary rises to defy the ordinary.