Tiger Mask Songs Lyrics

Tiger Mask Songs Lyrics


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Tiger Mask Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tiger Mask


Released on year:1981

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:33


Tiger Mask, known by his real name Naoto Date, garnered a menacing reputation as a fearsome heel wrestler within the American wrestling circuit. With a ruthlessness unmatched in the squared circle, he struck fear into the hearts of his opponents. However, upon his return to Japan, his life took a transformative turn. It all began when a young boy expressed his aspirations of becoming a villain, just like Tiger Mask, when he grew up. This innocent dream stemmed from the child's residence in an orphanage, the same one Tiger Mask himself had called home during his own childhood. Stricken by a sense of responsibility, Tiger Mask resolved that he could not allow this impressionable boy to idolize a villainous figure. Thus, a powerful inspiration ignited within him, propelling him towards a heroic path in the world of wrestling. Yet, as in every compelling story, our protagonist encountered formidable adversaries along his journey. These foes belonged to an enigmatic and malevolent organization, aptly named Tigers' Den. Operating under a twisted pact, the organization trained young talents to become heel wrestlers, demanding half of their earnings in return for their dubious guidance. While Tiger Mask had once fallen under their nefarious influence, adopting the moniker "Yellow Devil," he had long distanced himself from their clutches. Instead, he chose to direct his earnings towards the orphanage that shaped his humble beginnings - an act of benevolence that surely provoked the ire of the organization's enigmatic leader. Enraged by this resolute defiance, the leader dispatched a relentless barrage of assassins to bring Tiger Mask to his knees. These assailants, drawn from the ranks of professional wrestling, were ruthlessly unleashed to punish the formidable hero. But they would soon discover that Tiger Mask's unwavering spirit and indomitable will were not to be trifled with.