Tiger Mask W Songs Lyrics

Tiger Mask W Songs Lyrics


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Tiger Mask W Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tiger Mask W

Also Called:タイガーマスクW


Released on year:1969

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:105


In the depths of an underground wrestling world, two young warriors find themselves locked in an epic battle within the newly revived Tiger's Lair organization. This notorious wrestling dojo, once the cherished sanctuary for both fighters, now stands as a symbol of their shared destruction. One bold contender has seized control over the training grounds left behind by the legendary Naoto Date, along with the iconic mask he left in his wake. The other, fearless and relentless, bravely stepped into the Tiger's Lair and emerged triumphant, bestowed with a mysterious jet-black tiger mask. These two enigmatic rivals, unbeknownst of each other's true identity, embark on contrasting paths that intertwine within the ring's hallowed square. One worships the light, while the other embraces the shadows. A fierce struggle ensues as they clash with a common goal burning fiercely in their hearts – the annihilation of the malevolent Tiger's Lair that has tainted their once-hallowed home. With faces masked and intentions veiled, these adversaries become inexorable antagonists, locked in a relentless quest for supremacy. Yet their shared mission, veiled by enigmatic facades, binds them unbeknownst to one another. Step into this spellbinding world, where the battle for justice unfolds amidst the thunderous roars of the Tiger's Lair!