Time Trouble Tondekeman! Songs Lyrics

Time Trouble Tondekeman! Songs Lyrics


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Time Trouble Tondekeman! Songs
Time Trouble Tondekeman! Ending Lyrics Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Time Trouble Tondekeman!


Released on year:2018

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:13


The journey begins when Hayato, an ardent soccer enthusiast, and his talented girlfriend Yumi venture into the remarkable laboratories of Dr. Leonard. Little did they know that their visit would trigger a series of extraordinary events. With an accidental activation of the enigmatic Tondekeman, a whimsical talking kettle, they find themselves whisked away to a distant era, leaving modern times far behind. Transported to the culturally-rich landscape of Baghdad, Hayato and Yumi find themselves separated from their peculiar companion, Tondekeman. In this mesmerizing city, they encounter Aladdin, the valiant hero, as well as Prince Dandarn and Princess Shalala, an enchanting duo. However, their path intertwines with Abdullah, a sly and devious character, whose sole aim is to capture Princess Shalala. Abdullah harbors sinister intentions, eagerly plotting to marry the princess against her will. Their exhilarating journey catapults them across various historical periods, introducing them to a myriad of legendary and literary figures who shape their destiny. As they relentlessly pursue Abdullah through the corridors of time, our courageous heroes traverse uncharted territories, unlocking secrets and unraveling mysteries at every turn. Immersed in the labyrinth of the past, Hayato and Yumi struggle to find their way back to their own time. Only by reclaiming Tondekeman from the clutches of the cunning Abdullah can they hope to unlock the key to their return, resolving the perplexing enigma that binds them to the ancient world.