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Blood of the Reprimanded Dog | 咎狗の血 歌詞

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Blood of the Reprimanded Dog | 咎狗の血 オープニング

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Blood of the Reprimanded Dog | 咎狗の血 エンディング
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Togainu no Chi Lyrics
Title: Togainu no Chi
Also Called:Blood of the Reprimanded Dog | 咎狗の血
Released on year:2010
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Following a third world war leaving Japan in ruins, an organisation known as Vischio took charge of Tokyo and renamed it Toshima. Taking place in its back alleys are fighting games known as Igura, supervised by the Vischio, in which players fight and bathe in each other's blood to win the chance to go up against their tournament leader, Il-re.Igura isn't the only fighting tournament around; Bl@ster is a similar but completely different game as it bans murder and gun use. The only way to win is by making the opponent knock out. Bl@ster knows Akira, a young man alienated from his kin, is undefeatable.

However, when he's accused of murder his career on top is broken.
Unable to prove one's innocence, all hope is seemingly lost ... That's when a mysterious woman named Emma turns up and gives him the chance. Now Akira must participate in Igura and eventually beat Il-re to recover his freedom..

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About Togainu no Chi

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Togainu no Chi ( 咎狗の血, lit. "Blood of the Reprimanded Dog" ) is a visual novel by Nitro+CHiRAL made in Japanese BL. The plot centers on Akira, a young man who is made to participate in a deadly game in post-apocalyptic Japan called "Igura" ( from "игра"/ "igra", Russian for "game" ), in exchange for being released from prison. Its target is to beat "Il Re" ( Italian for "The King" ), Igura's strongest human. The game was initially released as Togainu no Chi on PC in 2005, with the release on May 29, 2008 of a PlayStation 2 version named Togainu no Chi TRUE BLOOD.
A version of PlayStation Portable was released under the name of Togainu no Chi True Blood Portable on 23 December 2010.

The game was translated into two manga series, a book, and an anime series of twelve episodes. In March 2010 an anime adaptation was announced as part of the 5th anniversary of Nitro+CHiRAL with development by Aniplex for Togainu no Chi. On 7 October 2010, the anime began airing on MBS and TBS. Aniplex of America broadcast and simulcast the show on Anime News Network in North America..

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