Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Songs Lyrics

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Songs Lyrics


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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Also Called:東京マグニチュード8.0


Released on year:2009

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:11


In the depths of dissatisfaction, young Mirai Onozawa yearns for a change in her family circumstances. Frustration swells within her, leading to a desperate wish to tear down the very fabric of her existence. Fate, however, has a cruel twist in store for her, transforming her destructive thoughts into a horrifying reality with the force of a seismic magnitude 8.0 earthquake. As the summer vacation ensues, Mirai grudgingly accompanies her younger brother, Yuuki, to the vibrant exhibition center in Odaiba, enticed by the allure of a spectacular robot display. But destiny has a merciless agenda, as the Kanto region plunges into chaos, shackled by the merciless wrath of a cataclysmic earthquake. In the face of this natural catastrophe, the powerless siblings bear witness to the stark devastation that grips the city. In their darkest hour, a glimmer of hope emerges as they chance upon Mari Kusakabe, a resilient motorcyclist and a devoted single mother. Recognizing the fragility of their situation, Mari extends a helping hand to these vulnerable children. Driven by the desire to be reunited with their families, the resolute group embarks on a treacherous odyssey through the desolate and dilapidated remnants of the city.


We are proud to announce that our beloved anime has been crowned with the prestigious Excellence Award at the highly acclaimed 13th Japan Media Arts Festival. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to the awe-inspiring world, captivating storytelling, and immaculate craftsmanship showcased throughout the series. We are deeply honored and grateful for this recognition, which further solidifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment that captivates the hearts and minds of anime enthusiasts worldwide.