Tokyo Mew Mew Songs Lyrics

Mew Mew Power
Tokyo Mew Mew Songs Lyrics


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Tokyo Mew Mew Songs

Anime Information

Title:Tokyo Mew Mew

Also Called:Mew Mew Power


Released on year:2022


In the realm of anticipation and blossoming love, Ichigo Momomiya yearned for a captivating finale to her rendezvous with the enigmatic Masaya Aoyama. Little did she predict that her evening would conclude with an intriguing twist, as she succumbed to a slumber while witnessing a mystical feline entity permeating her very being. The subsequent dawn brought forth a peculiar transformation, arousing within her an insatiable longing for the ocean's bounty - fish. However, the saga truly unfurled when Masaya fell prey to a malicious creature, triggering a revelation for Ichigo: she possessed the power to morph into Mew Ichigo, a bewitching warrior adorned with feline ears. As destiny unfolded, Ichigo's valiant act of rescue attracted the attention of two inquisitive researchers - the sagacious Ryou Shirogane and astute Keiichiro Akasaka. Their seemingly inexplicable revelation sent tremors through Ichigo's core, disclosing a clandestine truth: she had become an unwitting carrier of Iriomote Cat DNA, intended to forge a savior, a magical guardian of Earth against formidable extraterrestrial adversaries. The weight of the world now rested upon her slender shoulders, demanding her unwavering commitment to combat these monstrous entities. Yet, this formidable task necessitated unequivocal aid. In a twist of fate, Ichigo's path intertwined with four fellow kindred spirits, each harboring the same bewitching powers. Henceforth, the onus befalls Ichigo to rally, to hunt them down with utmost haste before the ever-encroaching alien dominion reigns supreme, eclipsing our very existence. Together, they stand as humanity's invincible stronghold, united against the encroaching darkness that threatens to consume our cherished world.


The splendid anime rendition of Tokyo Mew Mew was skillfully brought to life by the esteemed Studio Pierrot and Nippon Animation. It graced the airwaves in Japan through the esteemed TV Tokyo and TV Aichi. When it crossed borders and underwent the remarkable localization process led by 4Kids, the English-speaking audience was granted the joy of experiencing the first 26 episodes of this captivating series.