Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Songs Lyrics

Tomo-chan Is a Girl! | トモちゃんは女の子!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Songs Lyrics


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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

Also Called:Tomo-chan Is a Girl! | トモちゃんは女の子!


Released on year:2023

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou "Jun" Kubota, inseparable childhood companions, form an unbreakable bond that transcends time. They are as thick as thieves, sharing unwavering camaraderie through thick and thin. However, a perplexing dilemma disguises itself amidst their profound friendship - Tomo is fervently in love with Jun, while he remains oblivious to her romantic intentions, naively perceiving her as nothing more than a brotherly figure. As they embark on their high school journey, Tomo musters the courage to pour out her heart to Jun, desperately yearning for a love that intertwines their souls. Alas, her brash demeanor and readiness to launch punches fail to penetrate Jun's heart. Understanding that mere passivity will yield no change, Tomo must rise to the occasion and devise a plan to jolt Jun out of his complacency, unveiling the undeniable truth that lies right before his eyes.


The highly anticipated animated series, Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!, has finally arrived on Blu-ray and DVD, delighting fans worldwide. Brace yourselves for an immersive experience as you dive into the captivating world of Tomo-chan and her extraordinary adventures. The entire series is packaged in six volumes of sheer awesomeness, each containing mesmerizing episodes that will keep you glued to your screen. From January 25, 2023, to June 28, 2023, join Tomo-chan on her thrilling journey as her story unfolds in glorious high-definition. Elevate your anime collection with this extraordinary masterpiece, available now for purchase!