Tomodachi Game Songs Lyrics

Friends Game | トモダチゲーム
Tomodachi Game Songs Lyrics


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Tomodachi Game Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tomodachi Game

Also Called:Friends Game | トモダチゲーム


Released in:Spring


Yuuichi Katagiri, a resilient soul who has braved financial hardships throughout his life, finds solace and strength in the unwavering support of his close-knit circle of friends. With an unwavering determination to honor a promise made to them, Yuuichi diligently saves up enough funds to partake in a highly anticipated school trip. However, fate plays a cruel hand as the hard-earned money mysteriously vanishes into thin air, casting suspicion on two of Yuuichi's trusted confidants: the responsible duo of Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe, who were entrusted with collecting the precious payments. Despite their innocence, Shiho and Makoto valiantly shoulder the blame for the lost funds when no one else comes forward. But that's not where the tumultuous journey ends. Within a few fateful days, Yuuichi and his comrades find themselves lured into a clandestine trap orchestrated by a clandestine force. Rendered unconscious, they awaken in an enigmatic chamber, only to be confronted by the enigmatic presence of "Manabu-kun" - a character from a once-infamous children's show that was vanquished due to its sinister content. With cryptic words, Manabu-kun reveals that one among them has orchestrated this reclusive gathering to settle a considerable debt. Thus ensues a high-stakes game of trust, referred to as the "friendship game," designed to scrutinize the true strength of their bond and loyalty. As the group plunges deeper into a quagmire of concealed secrets and egregious betrayals, Yuuichi finds himself desperately grasping for allies he can genuinely rely upon, all while unraveling the bleak truth behind the traitor's guise. Prepare for a compelling tale of resilience, friendship, and treachery where Yuuichi must navigate the intricate web of betrayal to safeguard the cherished bonds that define his existence. Brace yourself as the quest for truth plunges our protagonist into a perilous journey that will test the very fabric of trust and camaraderie.


Tomodachi Game has made its digital debut as an English simulpub exclusively on K Manga! Fans can now join the thrilling rollercoaster of friendship and competition. Furthermore, the captivating series has also been enthralling Spanish readers under the title Tomodachi Game: Los Juegos de la Amistad, courtesy of Milky Way Ediciones since March 2016. Embark on this emotional journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected twists of fate!