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Toriko Lyrics
Title: Toriko
Also Called:Toriko (TV) | Toriko (2011) | トリコ
Released on year:2011
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:147


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Hamburgers emerging out of the ground like four-leaf clovers, mountain ranges sculpted out of ice cream, and warm servings of mac and cheese steeping deep inside the stomachs of volcanoes surrounding the countryside. The world of wonderful natural wonders has entered a prime era of gourmet discovery! People as well as chefs strive to try and cook the finest dishes while explorers named "Gourmet Hunters" search for tasty uncommon ingredients.The wild and enthusiastic Gourmet Hunter Toriko, possessing a special range of abilities, is notorious for finding 2 per cent of all recognized ingredients.
Together with his friend Komatsu—a highly trained chef working at a five-star hotel—Toriko aims to complete his Life's Full Course Menu.

But it won't be easy; to get the most delicious ingredients, Toriko has to fight off obstacles such as deadly monsters, evil organizations and food itself!.

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About Toriko

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Toriko ( トリコ ) is a Japanese manga series written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and illustrated. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from May 19, 2008 to November 21, 2016, with Shueisha collecting the chapters into 43 volumes of tankōbon. It follows Toriko, a Gourmet Hunter's adventures as he searches out unique, diverse foods to complete a full-course meal. He is joined on his journey by a timid cook, who wants to develop his skills.Ufotable produced a short film for the 2009 Jump Super Anime Tour, with another made for the 2010 event. The manga was also adapted into an anime TV series developed by Toei Animation which was broadcast from 2011 to 2014 in Japan.

Toei also produced a short animated 3D film in 2011, and a feature film in 2013. The manga series obtained a license from Viz Media in North America and Madman Entertainment in Australasia for an English-language release. Madman also licensed the anime series in Australasia, although it was released in North America by Funimation. In June 2014, in Toriko Volume 29, Shueisha revealed that the series had more than 20 million volumes in print..

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