Tri-Zenon Songs Lyrics

Tri-Zenon Songs Lyrics


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Tri-Zenon Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2021

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


During the captivating Edo Period, an extraordinary event took place as three enigmatic space capsules descended upon the earthly realm. Perceiving potential chaos, the wise inhabitants of that era wisely chose to entomb these beguiling artifacts deep within the soil. Entrusting the Kamui family with a meticulously crafted map, their duty was to safeguard the knowledge of these hidden treasures. In the present day, the slumbering relics begin to stir, each awakening to fulfill its own enigmatic purpose. The first to rouse from its dormant state is the venerable Tri-Zenon, a Zenon Guardian of unparalleled power. Reverently guided by the descendants of the Kamui lineage, namely the courageous Akira Kamui, his stalwart brother, Ai Kamui, and the steadfast companion, Kanna, the mantle of Tri-Zenon's command now rests upon their capable shoulders. The stage is set for a cosmic clash as extraterrestrial beings, driven by malevolent intentions, descent upon our humble planet. Yet, they shall soon discover the indomitable might of the indomitable Tri-Zenon that stands as an unwavering sentinel against their nefarious schemes. Brace yourselves for a spellbinding adventure that shall test the bonds of friendship, unravel ancient secrets, and ignite an interstellar battle like no other.