true tears Songs Lyrics

true tears Songs Lyrics


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true tears Songs
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Anime Information

Title:true tears


Released on year:2009

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


Shinichirou Nakagami was leading a life that surpassed the wildest dreams of his fellow classmates—a life intertwined with the enigmatic prodigy, Hiromi Yuasa. But beneath Hiromi's cheerful façade lay a profound sadness, triggered by the loss of her beloved mother. As whispers of envy circulated among his peers, rumors began to spiral when Shinichirou crossed paths with Noe Isurugi—a notorious girl with a peculiar power to transform her curses into reality. Noe's mystical abilities unleashed a curse upon Shinichirou, crafting twin pits of misfortune. Yet, the curse rebounded, resulting in a peculiar twist as a raccoon mysteriously appeared alongside her cherished companion, Raigomaru the chicken. Remarkably, Noe remained tearless, for her tears had been tragically stolen away. Desperate to find solace in tears once more, Noe sought a remedy—a way to regain her lost emotions. And thus, Shinichirou found himself embarking on a quest, actively seeking the tears of another to heal Noe's sorrowful heart.


The captivating world of True Tears beckons, where an enthralling tale unfolds against the backdrop of Jouhana, Toyama. Although inspired by a visual novel of the same name, this anime delightfully weaves an original story, brimming with intrigue. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of Toyama Prefecture, each location comes alive with stunning detail thanks to the masterful work of P.A. Works Studio. Prepare to be mesmerized as you dive headfirst into the compelling realm of True Tears.