Try Knights Songs Lyrics

Try Knights Songs Lyrics


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Try Knights Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Try Knights

Also Called:トライナイツ


Released on year:2014

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


Amidst the uncertainty swirling around his high school journey, Riku Haruma finds himself devoid of any sense of direction. However, his world takes an electrifying turn when he witnesses a spectacle that defies conventional limits. A playground where individuals transform into awe-inspiring beings, transcending human capabilities with their monster-like agility, gravity-defying leaps, and lightning-fast sprints. It is within this realm he encounters Akira Kariya, an individual who fearlessly grapples with the rugged and intense world of rugby. A sport Riku once revered, only to relinquish his dreams due to the limitations imposed by his physical stature. Seizing a fleeting moment, Riku imparts a sage piece of advice to Akira, unaware of the profound impact this fleeting exchange would have on his own dormant passion. Like a dormant phoenix, Riku's fervor for the sport rekindles, sparking a brilliant ray of hope that illuminates his path towards an extraordinary future...