Turn A Gundam Songs Lyrics

∀ Gundam | Mobile Suit Gundam Turn A | ∀ガンダム
Turn A Gundam Songs Lyrics


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Turn A Gundam Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Turn A Gundam

Also Called:∀ Gundam | Mobile Suit Gundam Turn A | ∀ガンダム


Released on year:2002

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:50


In the distant Correct Century, a span of two thousand years following a cataclysmic conflict that left our world ravaged, hope emerges amidst the desolation. Earth, once a thriving home for humanity, lies mostly depleted and uninhabitable. A resilient remnant of our species finds solace on the Moon, biding their time while Earth undergoes a painstaking restoration process. Enter the enigmatic "Moonrace," a faction of lunar dwellers entrusted with assessing Earth's suitability for resettlement. Amidst this backdrop, our tale unfolds, centering around a young protagonist named Loran Cehack. Tasked alongside two other agents, Loran embarks on a crucial reconnaissance mission to Earth's surface. Little does he know that fate has grand designs in store for him as he finds himself entangled in the intriguing affairs of the illustrious Heim Family. Hailing from a society reminiscent of the Victorian era, this affluent lineage indulges in an awe-inspiring rite of passage, marked by an awe-inspiring ceremony centered around a majestic stone behemoth known as the "White Doll." To the astonishment of Loran and all those present, the tranquil existence is violently disrupted as the Moonrace launches a forceful incursion upon Earth's shores. Amid the chaos, the erstwhile impregnable White Doll shatters, revealing the presence of a legendary mechanized marvel known as the "Turn A Gundam." Seizing this momentous opportunity, Loran courageously takes the reins of the colossal war machine, forever altering the delicate balance between Earth and Moon. A gripping standoff ensues, thrusting our young protagonist into a veritable maelstrom where the destinies of Earth and Moon hang in the balance. As tensions escalate and the specter of an all-consuming war looms large, Loran becomes the embodiment of hope, entrusted with the monumental task of preserving peace and averting a catastrophic calamity. In this enthralling saga, the lives of disparate factions converge, forging alliances, igniting rivalries, and ultimately challenging the very fabric of our existence. Brace yourself for an epic narrative that captivates, as the turbulent dance between Earth and Moon unleashes a torrent of emotions, camaraderie, and heart-wrenching choices. Welcome to this extraordinary world, where enigmatic mechas and compelling characters intertwine, painting the canvas of destiny with vibrant strokes of courage, sacrifice, and breathtaking triumph.