Twinbee Songs Lyrics

Twinbee Songs Lyrics


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Twinbee Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In a curious turn of events, Pastel couldn't resist the temptation and devoured the delectable cookies handcrafted by Madoka. However, much to everyone's astonishment, this mischievous act caused Pastel to undergo a most peculiar transformation - she shrank in size! Unfortunately, this unfortunate twist of fate rendered her unable to take part in the highly anticipated "Miss Donburi Contest." Seeking a solution, our courageous protagonist sought out the extraordinary power-up bell, hidden among the celestial clouds. Alas, their mission to retrieve the coveted bell would not prove easy. Befuddling matters further, an enigmatic island mysteriously levitated above Donburi Island, siphoning clouds from the atmosphere. Just when our intrepid adventurers thought the odds were stacked against them, their path was obstructed by unforeseen adversaries. With time running out, would they manage to reclaim the stolen power bells and make it back in time for the captivating contest? Only fate could reveal their ultimate destiny.