Ultra Maniac Songs Lyrics

Ultramaniac - Magical Girl | ウルトラマニアック
Ultra Maniac Songs Lyrics


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Ultra Maniac Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Ultra Maniac

Also Called:Ultramaniac - Magical Girl | ウルトラマニアック


Released on year:1987

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:119


Ayu Tateishi, a widely admired second-year scholar, never had a penchant for fantasies or miracles. Her sole aspiration was to exude an aura of coolness and composure in the hopes of catching the attention of her crush, the esteemed Tetsushi Kaji. However, Ayu's tranquil existence takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Nina Sakura, a bewitching newcomer who harbors a remarkable secret: she is a bona fide witch. Bearing witness to Nina's extraordinary ability to wield spells through a compact computer, Ayu unwillingly finds herself entangled in the arduous quest to locate the legendary five Holy Stones, an undertaking that could secure Nina's future marriage to the prince of the enchanting Magic Kingdom. Yet, unforeseen complications arise as Nina's magical ineptitude and her propensity for meddling in Ayu's personal affairs sow nothing but chaos. Ayu endeavors tirelessly to preserve her sterling reputation, while Nina strives to conceal her mystical nature from the observant eyes of Hiroki Tsujiai, Tetsushi's loyal confidant and an avid aficionado of manga. Moreover, as Nina's pursuit of the Holy Stones unfurls, her actions lure both allies and adversaries from the ethereal Magic Kingdom, thrusting Ayu into a captivating realm she never even dared to fathom.