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Umi ga Kikoeru Lyrics
Title: Umi ga Kikoeru
Released on year:1993
Num Episodes:1


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Ocean Waves is a love tale about high school located in Kochi, Japan. Morisaki Taku and Matsuno Yutaka became best friends when moved to their school by a Tokyo girl named Muto Rikako. She ultimately branded a snob, withdrawing herself from social events. Matsuno has a crush on Rikako and it's no wonder that when Morisaki and Rikako begin to spend more time together, he gets a little jealous. School rumors are getting stronger but Morisaki still maintains that there is nothing between him and Rikako.

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Ocean Waves, also known as I Can Hear The Sea ( Japanese: ζ΅·γŒγγ“γˆγ‚‹, Hepburn: Umi ga Kikoeru ), is a 1993 Japanese anime TV movie directed by Tomomomi Mochizuki and written by Kaori Nakamura based on Saeko Himuro's 1990 novel of the same name. It was being animated for Tokuma Shoten by Studio Ghibli and the Nippon Television Network. On 5 May 1993, Ocean Waves first aired on Nippon TV.The film is set in Kōchi Village, on Shikoku's Japanese Island. It concerns a triangle of love, which evolves between two good friends and a new girl who moves from Tokyo to their high school.Ocean Waves was an effort by Studio Ghibli to make a film relatively cheap for its younger staff members.

It ended up going over budget as well as over time, however.GKIDS revealed in December 2016 that the film would be remastered for a limited theatrical release, beginning on 28 December 2016, with a home video release in Spring 2017..

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