Vampire in the Garden Songs Lyrics

Vampire in the Garden Songs Lyrics


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Vampire in the Garden Songs
Vampire in the Garden Ending Lyrics ヴァンパイヤ・イン・ザ・ガーデン Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Vampire in the Garden

Also Called:ヴァンパイヤ・イン・ザ・ガーデン


Released on year:2022


In the chilling embrace of an ancient winter, the world was plagued by a relentless swarm of nearly invincible vampires. Humanity, once at the pinnacle of the food chain, was abruptly displaced from its throne. Forced into a desperate bid for survival, the remnants of mankind sought refuge within the confines of a fortified city, sheltered by towering walls. Here, an arduous battle against the vampiric hordes has raged on relentlessly for years. Amidst a brutal onslaught by the bloodthirsty vampires, a valiant human soldier named Momo finds himself face-to-face with Fiine, the queen of their formidable adversaries. In a remarkable turn of events, Momo witnesses Fiine's selfless attempt to rescue his dearest comrade from the clutches of a rampaging vampire. Captivated by her unexpected act of compassion, Momo cautiously trails Fiine back to her domain. Within those walls, an extraordinary connection blossoms between them, united by their shared love for music and a mutual yearning for escape from the endless cycle of warfare. With an audacious goal in mind, the duo resolves to embark on a treacherous journey towards a fabled utopia, whispered only in hushed whispers. In this supposed haven, humans and vampires purportedly coexist in an equilibrium that defies all reason. However, doubts loom heavily over the existence of such a paradise, casting shadows of uncertainty upon their path. Moreover, both races cast their malevolent gaze upon Momo and Fiine, marking them as prey to be hunted down relentlessly. As our intrepid protagonists tread this perilous road to freedom, they must outmaneuver their relentless pursuers, navigating an intricate web of danger and deceit. Will Momo and Fiine's indomitable spirit guide them towards the elusive promised land, or will their valiant quest be forever shattered amidst the chaos of a war-ravaged world? Only time will reveal the answer, as darkness and light entwine in a struggle for survival like no other.


The highly anticipated anime, "Vampire in the Garden," has garnered international attention with its impending release on Netflix in 2021. However, owing to unforeseen circumstances stemming from the ongoing pandemic, fans were left disappointed as the premiere got postponed until 2022.