Vampire Princess Miyu Songs Lyrics

Kyuuketsuki Miyu
Vampire Princess Miyu Songs Lyrics


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Vampire Princess Miyu Songs

Anime Information

Title:Vampire Princess Miyu

Also Called:Kyuuketsuki Miyu


Released on year:2002

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:38


In the dark corners of our world lurk vile creatures known as the Evil Shinma—sinister shape-shifters and bloodthirsty vampires. Their wicked intentions? To unleash their malevolence upon humanity, spreading darkness wherever they go. Enter Miyu, a regal princess hailing from the abyss, chosen to protect the Earth and rid it of these nefarious beings. She possesses the extraordinary ability to bestow eternal bliss upon mortals, yet her own existence is fraught with perpetual emptiness and inner turmoil. Miyu finds solace in the company of Larva, once a malevolent Shinma but now her fiercely loyal guardian. United, they embark on a haunting odyssey delving deep into the frailties of the human heart and the unbearable weight of lost innocence. Adrift between two worlds, Miyu remains eternally isolated, destined to tread a path of perpetual darkness and never-ending conflict. As she grapples with her true nature and strives to disconnect from her human counterparts, Miyu traverses a relentless journey. At times the hunter, and at others, the hunted, she teeters on the threshold betwixt light and shadow. Join Miyu and Larva as they venture forth into a realm teeming with enigmatic danger, where the line between good and evil becomes perilously blurred.