Venus Wars Songs Lyrics

Venus Wars Songs Lyrics


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Venus Wars Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Venus Wars


Released on year:2021

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:11


In the vast expanse of the 21st century, humanity thrives on not just one, but two remarkable worlds. Thanks to a celestial encounter with an icy asteroid, Venus has undergone a staggering transformation, becoming a haven capable of sustaining life. For generations, Earth's inhabitants have conquered this once-hostile planet through awe-inspiring terraforming techniques. But along with prosperity, they also brought forth their darker inclinations, casting a looming shadow over Venus' newfound serenity. Enter Hiro Seno, a daring daredevil of motorcycle prowess. As fate would have it, he becomes an eyewitness to the epic clash between his beloved country of Aphrodia and their bitter adversaries from the nation of Ishtar. In this heart-stopping spectacle, colossal battletanks and thundering warplanes lay waste to Aphrodia with ruthless precision. Oblivious to his own reservations about warfare, Hiro finds himself thrust into the gritty crucible of battle, fighting valiantly for his own survival on the war-torn front lines.