Video Senshi Laserion Songs Lyrics

Video Senshi Laserion Songs Lyrics


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Video Senshi Laserion Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Video Senshi Laserion


Released on year:2017

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Youta Moteuchi, disheartened by a cruel romantic rejection, makes his way home, shoulders slumped in despair. Along the dimly lit streets, a video store catches his weary eye, beckoning him inside. In a twist of fate, he stumbles upon a remarkable tape known to comfort desolate souls like his own—a "video girl" offering solace to the lonely hearts. Unable to resist the allure, he purchases the tape and prepares to indulge in a heart-healing experience, unaware of the enchantment that awaits. As Youta inserts the tape into his ailing VCR, the impossible transpires. Emerging from the depths of his television screen, a captivating maiden named Ai Amano materializes, gracefully landing on his very own bed. Proclaiming herself to be a manifestation of boundless affection, she appears to be the ultimate manifestation of Youta's elusive desire for true love. Yet, beneath her mesmerizing allure lies an unforeseen quirkiness—a result of the faulty VCR that somehow enhanced her personality. Nevertheless, Ai wholeheartedly vows to guide Youta towards genuine happiness and a love that transcends all barriers. Prepare to delve into the extraordinary tale of Video Girl Ai, where the ordinary lives of youth intertwine with the extraordinary pursuit of love. With the indomitable support of his virtual guardian angel, Youta embarks on a quest to discover the soulmate of his dreams, unraveling the complexities of human connections along the way. Intrigue, emotion, and unforeseen twists await as we witness the blossoming of an unyielding romance in the unlikeliest of circumstances.