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Vie Durant Lyrics
Title: Vie Durant
Released on year:2003
Num Episodes:8

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The Antarctic thaws and it is an period when much of the ground was inundated with snow. Mankind's disappearance is now drawing closer. Mankind born from Adam and Eve has now degraded as they are cloned from generation to generation over and over again. Things were lost which were essential for the survival of living things.Even then, the remaining ones cling to live ..."We should get from someone else what we need to survive! "Thanks," he said.And so, on the surface of water, a mere small group of people started a new existence, wasting the energy of any living thing to live.

Ultimately, they discover people who possess a massive amount of survival-necessary items.
Still now, the young men who posessed these items continue their journey, to flee from those who followed them. They just wanted to find that someplace. They were searching for the one and there was just "support." ...

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