Letras de Canciones de Virtual-san wa Miteiru

VIRTUALSAN - LOOKING | Virtual-san Looking | バーチャルさんはみている
Letras de Canciones de Virtual-san wa Miteiru


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Virtual-san wa Miteiru Canciones
Virtual-san wa Miteiru Opening Letra VIRTUALSAN - LOOKING | Virtual-san Looking | バーチャルさんはみている Opening Letra
Virtual-san wa Miteiru Ending Letra VIRTUALSAN - LOOKING | Virtual-san Looking | バーチャルさんはみている Ending Letra

Anime Information

Titulo:Virtual-san wa Miteiru

También llamado:VIRTUALSAN - LOOKING | Virtual-san Looking | バーチャルさんはみている


Lanzado en el año:1995

Lanzado en:Fall

Num Episodios:35


Virtual-san wa Miteiru is a delightful anime that breathes life into Virtual YouTubers like never before. In the virtual realm, Virtual YouTubers, also known as VTubers, captivate audiences by presenting themselves as animated characters, keeping their true appearances a fascinating secret. The fantastic world of Virtual-san wa Miteiru introduces us to a remarkable ensemble of VTubers, including the charming musical duo Hime Tanaka and Hina Suzuki, collectively known as HimeHina. Additionally, we meet Siro, the enigmatic cyber girl, who assures us she's never committed any sinister deeds, and the captivating Hinata Nekomiya, who indulges in her love for first-person shooters. Furthermore, the vibrant Akari Mirai takes center stage with her upbeat personality and tendency to playfully tease her juniors, while the self-assured Mito Tsukino adds a hint of superiority to the mix. Each episode of Virtual-san wa Miteiru is an absolute riot, featuring hilarious skits and off-the-wall humor. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of slapstick comedy, clever wordplay, and even moments where the fourth wall is effortlessly shattered. Whether it's the uproarious space adventure parody titled "Virtual Wars" or the unforgettably absurd sketch featuring bouncing gorillas (yes, you read that right!), the sheer excitement of these segments is bound to leave any fan of Virtual YouTubers thoroughly entertained. With its unique concept and infectious humor, Virtual-san wa Miteiru marks itself as a one-of-a-kind comedy that is sure to delight viewers who adore the captivating world of Virtual YouTubers.