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Virus Buster Serge Lyrics
Title: Virus Buster Serge
Released on year:1997
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Neo Hong Kong, 2097: Changing the world. Advances in genetic engineering and cybernetics have developed an world full of genetically enhanced humans and smart super-computers that use biological software to work. But the same technology that allowed man and machine to merge has made them vulnerable to a new form of threat that can manipulate their hosts.

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Virus Buster Serge is a Japanese media franchise, known in Japan simply as the Virus ( ウイルス ). It started as the Sega Saturn adventure title. The game Virus was developed in partnership with Sega, and featured Madhouse designed characters. It was adapted as an anime television series produced by Plum, directed by Masami albari, and aired from October 2 as December 19, 1997 on AT-X and TV Tokyo. Also produced was a light novel, and a second video game ( for the PlayStation ).Man and machine melded beautifully in the city of Neo Hong Kong in the year 2097 and the area was blossoming with technological advances.

An entity which takes over the machines called the Virus, however, is becoming a issue. The STAND organization with its Gears ( ウイルス ) led by the enigmatic Raven exists for this issue. The team's new member is Serge, a man who can't remember his history and who feels joining STAND and confronting Raven will make him understand better.The anime was adapted to English only. It was published in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, and in North America and UK by Manga Entertainment. The anime was broadcast briefly on Sci Fi Channel, American cable television, in 2007, and on IFC, Canadian cable channel, in 2008.


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