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Wakakusa no Charlotte Lyrics
Title: Wakakusa no Charlotte
Released on year:1977
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:30


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Charlotte is a Canadian girl who lives at a farm. Her father informs her on her 12th birthday that her mother, whom Charlotte always believed to be dead, is still alive and living in Paris, but she will soon arrive to stay with them! At first, Charlotte is very upset about this, but her father soon dies just when she adjusts to the idea! Now in order to live Charlotte has to face many challenges. She learns that her father belongs to a noble family and that her grandfather wants to bring Charlotte back into the family. She totally doesn't know her mother.

In the meantime, a landowner is trying to steal the farm from her father! Charlotte the Bad ....

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Wakakusa no Charlotte ( 若草のシャルロット, lit. the Young Grass of Charlotte ) is a Nippon Animation Co .- produced anime series. Ltd. Based on an original story by screenwriter Shun'ichi Yukimuro ( as opposed to an existing manga ), it was first aired in Japan between 29 October 1977 and 27 May 1978.While this series-the first of Nippon Animation to target the shōjo audience specifically, followed by Haikara-san ga Tōru-was taken off the air in Japan early due to mediocre ratings, it is a much-loved and well-known series in some European countries, particularly in Italy.
It was broadcast on the Philippines in the 1990s by ABS-CBN, Yey! In June 2017, and since then GMA Network in the 2000s, with some retransmissions.


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