Wan Sheng Jie Songs Lyrics

All Saints Street | 万圣街
Wan Sheng Jie Songs Lyrics


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Wan Sheng Jie Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Wan Sheng Jie

Also Called:All Saints Street | 万圣街


Released on year:2020

Num Episodes:12


In a remarkable realm where angels, demons, and an array of supernatural entities cohabit harmoniously with humans, a peculiar demon named Neil Bowman defies conventions. Consumed by an insatiable fascination for human culture, his heart steadfastly rejects all forms of wickedness. Despite his infernal origins, he musters the courage to flee the grips of Hell, setting foot upon Earth's domain. Seeking solace and companionship, Neil finds refuge in the company of his enigmatic online acquaintance, Ira Blood, a vampire of mysterious allure. Little does Neil know that his new abode isn't merely inhabited by humans as he expected; instead, he discovers a captivating assortment of supernatural beings dwelling alongside him. Lynn Angel, the formidable angel landlord, presides over the premises with a stern yet benevolent demeanor. Misfortune befalls Lynn's younger sister, Lily, who plummets from the celestial heavens into their earthly abode. Adding to the eclectic mix, there's Abu, the enigmatic and perpetually silent mummy, and Vladimir Eliot Kirilenko, a vigilant werewolf assigned to keep a watchful eye on Neil's intriguing activities. However, unbeknownst to both Neil and his peculiar entourage, lies a startling revelation - Neil possesses the unharnessed powers of the fabled Demon King. How will this extraordinary development impact the dynamic inhabitants of Apartment 1031 on the renowned and revered All Saints Street? Brace yourself for a captivating journey through a world where supernatural beings and mortals intertwine, and prepare to witness the unanticipated consequences that unfold within the enigmatic realm of Apartment 1031.


The enthralling world of anime takes center stage as the Japanese broadcast channels bring together six captivating 4-minute ONA episodes into one exhilarating 24-minute TV episode. This remarkable amalgamation unites the original three ONA seasons, seamlessly fusing them into a seamless and immersive six-episode TV season. Prepare to be spellbound as this captivating journey unveils a whole new dimension of anime brilliance.