Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Songs Lyrics

Yuri is My Job! | 私の百合はお仕事です!
Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Songs Lyrics


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Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Songs
Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Opening Lyrics Yuri is My Job! | 私の百合はお仕事です! Opening Lyrics
Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu! Ending Lyrics Yuri is My Job! | 私の百合はお仕事です! Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!

Also Called:Yuri is My Job! | 私の百合はお仕事です!


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring


Hime Shiraki, a charming and deceptive enchantress, possesses an otherworldly voice, an innocent demeanor, and a captivating visage that captivates all who gaze upon her. However, be warned, for her sweetness is nothing more than a cunning facade aiming to ensnare a wealthy suitor. While she skillfully portrays herself as a helpless ingenue to win favor, Hime cannot escape the consequences of an unfortunate accident that leaves Mai Koshiba injured. Upon discovering Mai's role as the illustrious manager of Café Liebe, an exquisite establishment reminiscent of an exclusive all-girls academy, Hime finds herself compelled to assume a temporary position until Mai's recovery. Nevertheless, Hime's ruse quickly unravels as her incompetence as a waitress becomes painfully apparent, sparking the displeasure of her coworker, the elegant Mitsuki Yano, who assumes the role of the stern "onee-sama" quick to admonish Hime for her missteps. While Hime wrestles with the challenges of her newfound profession and Mitsuki's unyielding animosity, her true nature begins to peek through the carefully crafted veneer.


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