Wind -a breath of heart- Songs Lyrics

Wind -a breath of heart- Songs Lyrics


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Wind -a breath of heart- Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Wind -a breath of heart-


Released on year:2005

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:47


Okano Makoto enrolled in a prestigious school nestled within his hometown, ready to embark on a journey filled with educational growth and newfound friendships. Alongside his vivacious sister, Hinata, the light-hearted Tachibana Tsutomu, and the enigmatic Shikouin Kasumi, Makoto discovered the charms of daily school life. One fateful afternoon, as the final school bell chimed, an enchanting melody resonated through the corridors. Intrigued, Makoto traced the haunting sound to its origin, leading him to an unexpected encounter atop the school's rooftop. It was there that he reunited with his long-lost childhood friend, Narukaze Minamo. Their hearts recognized each other, although time and distance had kept them apart. With bated breath and concealed affection, Makoto and his friends embarked on a remarkable journey through the enigmatic corners of their mystifying town. Filled with untold tales and captivating secrets, their lives unfolded against the backdrop of this town's enigmatic charm. Brace yourself, as you delve into the extraordinary stories that lie ahead.