Windaria Songs Lyrics

Windaria Songs Lyrics


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Windaria Songs
Windaria OVA Lyrics and other songs OVA Lyrics and other songs

Anime Information



Released on year:2010

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:24


The momentous non-aggression pact, carefully fostered between the thriving coastal haven of Itha and the desolate military stronghold of Paro, teeters on the edge of oblivion when the rapacious monarch of Paro connives to wreck havoc upon Itha's prosperous domain. In the aftermath of this harrowing event, the simmering animosity on both sides casts a dark shadow over the love-struck hearts of Princess Ahnas of Itha and Prince Jill of Paro, threatening to shatter their profound bond. Deep-rooted concerns also plague the peaceful farming denizens of Saki, as their fertile lands bear witness to the volatile tensions between Itha and Paro. Driven by apprehension, these innocent villagers now find themselves enmeshed in a dangerous conflict, their lives dangling precariously on the precipice of imminent battle. However, amidst the pervasive trepidation, a lone spirit emerges unyielding. Enter Izu, a spirited, enterprising young soul, who perceives the imminent war as an extraordinary opening to amass fame and fortune. Intrigued by Paro's enticing promise of opulent rewards, he promptly responds to the kingdom's call for assistance, fervently pledging to his beloved wife, Marin, that their reunion is but a heartbeat away. Overflowing with inconsolable sorrow, Marin immerses herself in fervent prayers, beseeching the heavens for her husband's safe return. Meanwhile, Ahnas and Jill, acutely cognizant of the formidable obstacles that obstruct their path, resolve to defy the confines of their respective lineages and familial prejudices. But will the profound love shared by these intrepid souls triumph over the foolishness and base desires entwined within human nature? Or will it be cruelly sacrificed on the anvil of petty ambition? The storm of fate approaches, threatening to engulf them all and shape their destinies in ways yet unknown.


Windaria, a captivating tale that originated as an anime, first captivated audiences through a novel called "Douwa Meita Senshi Windaria". The clever decision to release the novel before the movie only heightened curiosity and anticipation for the film. Interestingly, Windaria received multiple airings on the esteemed Yomiuri TV's "Anime Daisuki!" program. Its popularity prompted an English version titled "Once Upon a Time", meticulously adapted by Harmony Gold in 1987. To ensure suitability for a wider audience, certain adjustments were made, such as the removal of explicit content, alteration of the script, introduction of new character names, and the incorporation of additional narration. Initially, Windaria made its way to Japanese households through Victor Entertainment's home video distribution. Later on, it was released on DVD on December 16, 2000. In the United States, eager fans could enjoy Windaria on VHS as the enchanting "Windaria" presented by Streamline Pictures on August 1, 1993. The film made its way to DVD as "Once Upon a Time" by ADV Films on March 16, 2004. A delightful surprise for fans, a video game adaptation called "Dungeon of Windaria" was released by Nintendo in Japan on May 15, 2008.