WORKING!! Songs Lyrics

Wagnaria!! | ワーキング!!
WORKING!! Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information


Also Called:Wagnaria!! | ワーキング!!


Released on year:2018

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:11


Enthralled by his adoration for all things small and endearing, Souta Takanashi finds himself unable to resist the plea of Popura Taneshima, a youthful-looking young lady with childlike charm, as she persuades him to join the ranks of Wagnaria—a refined family restaurant nestled in Hokkaido. Takanashi's heart fills with delight as he takes on the role of caregiver, lavishing Popura with affection, inadvertently exacerbating her insecurities about her youthful appearance. Little does he know, his journey at Wagnaria has only just begun, as he encounters a fascinating ensemble of colleagues who weave an extraordinary tapestry. Within these vibrant walls of Wagnaria, he encounters the dignified Yachiyo Todoroki, a talented floor chief wielding her trusty katana; the formidable head chef Jun Satou, whose culinary expertise is matched only by his imposing presence; the immaculately informed and deliciously mischievous sous chef Hiroomi Souma; the indolent yet mysteriously effective manager Kyouko Shirafuji; and the enigmatic waitress Mahiru Inami, who harbors an unfortunate and paralyzing fear of men. Brimming with an eccentric cadre of characters, Working!! unfurls as a captivating workplace comedy, chronicling the ceaselessly dynamic and uproarious escapades that transpire within the hallowed halls of Wagnaria. Takanashi and his counterparts are poised to ignite a symphony of mirth, weaving together a tapestry of comedic brilliance that ensures constant hilarity and never a dull moment.


The much-anticipated Episode 1 made its sensational pre-air debut on March 6th, leaving fans in awe. Now, brace yourselves as the official airing of this captivating series commences on April 4th, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in an extraordinary anime experience.