World Dai Star Songs Lyrics

World Dai Star Songs Lyrics


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World Dai Star Songs
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Anime Information

Title:World Dai Star

Also Called:ワールドダイスター


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring


In the midst of the 20th century, a vibrant renaissance of musical theater envelopes the world, igniting passion within the hearts of enthusiasts. Within this flourishing realm, an elite group of performers, known as the esteemed Dai Stars, captivates audiences with their unparalleled acting prowess and enchanting melodies. Rising above all, only the crème de la crème are bestowed with the coveted title of World Dai Star. Enter the spirited and aspiring young talent, Kokona Ootori, who nourishes an unyielding dream of securing her rightful place among the ranks of the World Dai Stars. Despite encountering countless setbacks along her journey, Kokona refuses to be deterred. As an invaluable source of inspiration, her loyal confidante Shizuka urges her to seize yet another opportunity to audition for the prestigious theater troupe, Sirius. In the face of adversity, Kokona summons her fortitude and dedicates herself wholeheartedly to honing her craft, determined to showcase her brilliance. Yet, the theater world is steeped in unforgiving competition, where numerous ambitious young women, like the immensely talented Kathrina Griebel from Germany, vie for the celestial spotlight. In her quest to manifest her dreams, Kokona must surpass all obstacles and earn the glorious right to command the stage that she relentlessly pursues.