World Trigger Songs Lyrics

World Trigger Songs Lyrics


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World Trigger Songs
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Anime Information

Title:World Trigger

Also Called:ワールドトリガー


Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:73


In the bustling city of Mikado, a gateway to an enigmatic realm suddenly materializes, unleashing a horde of extraordinary creatures known as "Neighbors" upon the unsuspecting Earth. These insidious beings, impervious to conventional weaponry, become a dire threat to humanity. In response, a formidable faction called the Border Defense Agency emerges, armed with cutting-edge implements called "Triggers" to ward off this menace. However, despite the passage of time, the relentless Neighbors persist in posing an imminent danger to our planet, necessitating the perpetual vigilance of Border's valiant members. In this precarious situation, the seasoned operatives of Border, including the promising trainee Osamu Mikumo, find themselves constrained from employing their Triggers beyond the confines of their headquarters. Nevertheless, when a perplexing new student becomes the target of bullying and is enticed into a forbidden territory, Osamu's indomitable sense of righteousness compels him to take action. In a stunning turn of events, it is unveiled that the newcomer, Yuuma Kuga, harbors a remarkable secret - he is none other than a shapeshifting humanoid Neighbor. Together, Osamu and Yuuma forge an extraordinary alliance as they confront and conquer the encroaching extraterrestrial creatures, their fortitude and mettle shining brilliantly amidst the chaos. Brace yourself for an extraordinary tale of interdimensional warfare, where allies are found in the unlikeliest of comrades and the future of two worlds hangs in the balance.


In addition to its captivating anime adaptation, World Trigger has also been brought to life in various interactive forms. One such mention is the exclusive PlayStation Vita action game, known as "World Trigger: Borderless Mission," available exclusively in Japan. Delve into the thrilling world of World Trigger and challenge yourself to overcome the formidable obstacles that lie within. Furthermore, avid fans can take the excitement on the go with the captivating iOS and Android game, "World Trigger: Smash Borders." These captivating game adaptations offer an opportunity to immerse oneself deeper into the marvelous universe of World Trigger and embark on thrilling adventures at your fingertips.