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Xenosaga the Animation Lyrics
Title: Xenosaga the Animation
Released on year:2005
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12


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It is the year of T.C. 4767, 4767. It's been four thousand years since mankind abandoned its home, planet Earth. Beset by the hostile alien gnosis, mankind is now struggling to find ways to overcome the threat to its existence. One response to the threat has been the creation of KOS-MOS (a specialized android with incredible capabilities) by Vector engineer Shion Uzuki. Yet when the Gnosis destroys their ship, Shion and her companions find themselves thrown into the middle of a war that has no obvious sides ...

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Xenosaga: The Animation ( Japanese: ゼノサーガ THE ANIMATION, Hepburn: Zenosāga: Za Animēshon ) is a Toei Animation-produced science fiction mecha anime. The 12-episode series aired on TV Asahi from January to March 2005, although it was first licensed by A.D to release on DVD overseas. Vision by Funimation Games, and later. The anime is based on the Xenosaga Episode I story, a role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft and released by Namco for the PlayStation 2. Set in the future for 5000 years, it tells about the adventures of scientist Shion Uzuki and the robot fighting KOS-MOS as they combat the alien Gnosis invasion.

The anime was produced entirely without Namco's involvement after the first game's success, but with permission from Namco, some new characters were produced. Nobuteru Yūki redrawn the characters for the anime while Yuichiro Takeda wrote the script. The music, composed by Kousuke Yamashita, was intended to imitate the orchestral score of the original game. The anime has been receiving mixed to positive reviews from journalists, with many commenting that it will be understood only by those familiar with the game. Both Yamashita and Takeda later became involved in the development of Xenosaga I & II, a re-imagination of the first game by Nintendo DS and its direct sequel.


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