XL Joushi. Songs Lyrics

XL Joushi. Songs Lyrics


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XL Joushi. Songs
XL Joushi. Ending Lyrics XL上司。 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:XL Joushi.

Also Called:XL上司。


Released on year:2005

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


In search of augmenting her income, Saki Watase enthusiastically enrolls in a program that revolves around reviewing products. However, her initial foray takes a surprising turn when she receives a mammoth package of XL-sized condoms as her first task. Bewildered, Saki decides to momentarily set this rather unconventional assignment aside. Fast forward to a convivial evening marked by jovial camaraderie and spirited revelry, where Saki finds herself enveloped in the company of her colleagues, including her unfailingly competent yet exasperating "demon boss," Keisuke Sudou. As the night progresses, the influence of libations takes hold, leaving Saki inebriated beyond her better judgment. Displaying an unexpected chivalrous streak, Keisuke offers to accompany her safely home. Arriving at Saki's abode, however, Keisuke is immediately confronted by a conspicuous abundance of those same XL-sized condoms. Curiosity piqued, she enlightens him about the peculiar occupational experiment she had undertaken. In a twist of fate, Keisuke discloses a startling revelation, heralding himself as a fitting candidate for the test... boasting an "XL" dimension of his own.