Yadamon Songs Lyrics

Yadamon Songs Lyrics


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Yadamon Songs
Yadamon Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information



Released on year:1992

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:170


Yadamon, a mischievous young witch with a penchant for trouble, finds herself banished to the human world by her own mother, the queen. Little does she know, her mother has a clandestine fascination with human magazines and literature, which played a role in this peculiar punishment. In the technologically advanced human world, where endangered species have become extinct, Yadamon stumbles upon an extraordinary place known as "Creature Island." It is here that genetically re-created species find their new home. In her encounters on the island, Yadamon crosses paths with Jean, a young boy, and his loving parents, Edward and Maria. However, Yadamon's irksome habit of falling asleep anywhere poses a constant challenge for her watchful mother, who ensures that her mischievous daughter stays under surveillance. Thrilling adventures await Yadamon in the human world, where her insatiable curiosity inevitably leads to trouble for the humans she encounters, as well as her faithful guardian fairy, Timon, who possesses the extraordinary ability to manipulate time. As Yadamon navigates her way through the intricacies of the human world and hones her magical powers, a sinister force begins to arise. Kira, an evil witch who was once sealed within a menacing volcano by the queen and the great witch Beril, has managed to break free. Driven by an insatiable thirst for revenge, Kira sets her sights on the humans and poses a grave threat to Yadamon herself.