YAIBA Songs Lyrics

YAIBA Songs Lyrics


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Released on year:2021

Released in:Winter


Welcome to the captivating world of this light-hearted manga, where adventure awaits at every turn. Meet the charismatic samurai known as Kurogane Yaiba, a skilled warrior honing his craft in an enchanting realm. But there's a twist - Yaiba possesses the art of the samurai, yet his knowledge of the world remains limited. Living peacefully with his father, Kenjurou, amidst the lushness of the forest, their idyllic existence is suddenly shattered. In an unexpected twist of fate, Yaiba finds himself embroiled in a wild encounter with a troop of wily gorillas. Desperately seeking safety, father and son seek refuge within a nondescript box. Unbeknownst to them, this mundane vessel contains not mundane cargo but a cargo of pineapples, primed for transport to the bustling city. And so, their unlikely journey begins. Within the city's vibrant confines, Yaiba uncovers a startling revelation - he is destined to become a legendary warrior. His adversaries? Alliances forged with the nefarious Takeshi, a high-school student bearing an uncanny resemblance to a demon. As Yaiba navigates this uncharted path to greatness, he encounters a colorful cast of characters who shape his destiny. These companions become pillars of support, either by imparting invaluable wisdom, providing rigorous training, or kindling the flames of inspiration within Yaiba's spirit. Yet, despite his extraordinary swordsmanship, his tender-heartedness remains ever-present. Occasionally leaping before he looks, Yaiba's blunt nature inadvertently treads on fragile alliances, transforming allies into adversaries. Thankfully, his loyal friends patiently patch up these missteps, salvaging the situations they find themselves entangled in. Together, this extraordinary group embarks on a breathtaking odyssey, where they encounter legendary figures from Japan's rich history. United against insurmountable odds, they lay everything on the line to save not just their world, but the very fabric of existence from an otherworldly threat that looms large. This spellbinding tale weaves together themes of love, friendship, determined perseverance, and unwavering resolve. Within its pages, you will witness heartfelt bonds flourish, witness the fruits of unwavering dedication, and be thrust into electrifying adventures beyond your wildest imagination. So brace yourself, as the boundless allure of this manga beckons you to immerse yourself in an epic saga that transcends boundaries and captivates the heart.


Yaiba earned the prestigious 38th Shogakukan Manga Award in the illustrious year of 1993.