Yamato Takeru Songs Lyrics

Yamato Takeru Songs Lyrics


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Yamato Takeru Songs
Yamato Takeru Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Yamato Takeru


Released on year:2014

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the distant future, amidst the vastness of the 25th century, a courageous spaceship sets out on a critical mission to find a new haven within the mysteries of our solar system. However, fate has a wicked twist in store. Trapped in the depths of a treacherous black hole, the vessel and its 300 valiant passengers are hurled into an unforeseen cataclysm. Safely encased within emergency capsules, they find themselves thrust onto a bewildering and enigmatic planet called Ismo. Our story commences a dozen years after their miraculous arrival on this unfamiliar celestial abode. Ismo, the radiant star of the Onam System, stands as the sole survivor among the remnants of what was once a vibrant planetary family. Alas, the formidable Death Star known as Yomi, a menacing comet, periodically approaches the Onam System, casting a shadow of dread upon the inhabitants of Ismo. In the days of yore, when divine beings roamed the cosmos, a fearsome conflict ensued against the malevolent creature named Yamatano Orochi—a colossal eight-headed entity, reminiscent of a serpentine force of darkness. The gods emerged triumphant, sealing Yamatano Orochi within eight sacred stones, each buried deep within the core of a different planet. These precious nuggets of power were never meant to be tampered with, their inner sanctums forbidden to all. Yet, Tsukuyomi, the sinister deity who commands Yomi, managed to exploit circumstances, methodically acquiring and obliterating seven of the planets using his mighty legion of Sky Warriors. Determined to claim the final stone from Ismo, Tsukuyomi met his downfall when Susanoo, the mightiest of the Sky Warriors, lost control and was inadvertently vanquished. A million years have elapsed since that fateful encounter, and the Death Star Yomi ominously approaches the Onam System once again. Tsukuyomi, the indomitable ruler of Yomi, harbors nefarious aspirations to conquer the universe. Craving the ultimate power bestowed by the last remaining stone housing Yamatano Orochi, Tsukuyomi concocts a perilous plan. If he succeeds, the malevolent beast will be resurrected, endowing him with uncontrollable might. However, time is of the essence, as Yomi draws near. Tsukuyomi dispatches an elite squad of Sky Soldiers to bring back the rogue Susanoo, the key to his diabolical ambitions. But fortune sides with the unexpected. Susanoo, no longer under Tsukuyomi's command, has found an unexpected ally in Takeru, a precocious 13-year-old earthling. Unearthing the dormant marvel known as Susanoo, Takeru unwittingly awakens its dormant spirit, forging an unbreakable bond. Now, thrust into a battle against the malevolent Sky Soldiers and their malefic master, Tsukuyomi, Takeru becomes an unwitting champion. Embodied with the power of Susanoo, he safeguards his newfound comrades and the precious sanctity of their beloved planet. Together, they rise to confront the impending doom, defying the odds in a desperate race to protect their treasured home.