Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan Songs Lyrics

Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan Songs Lyrics


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Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan


Released on year:2019

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Ryofu Housen, the formidable general emerging from the chaotic era of the Three Kingdoms, embarks on an unprecedented journey. Unexpectedly, he finds himself hurtling from the realms of warriors straight down to Earth, landing within the fragile frame of an elementary school student. Joined by his loyal companion, Chinkyuu, now residing in the body of a child as well, they face a perplexing conundrum. How will they reclaim their former selves amidst the peculiar trials that lie ahead? Thrust into a world where they are bereft of their former might, the resolute duo must navigate through unforeseen challenges. Facing not only familiar adversaries, but also colossal mythical beasts, their resilience is tested to the extreme. However, surmounting these obstacles is not their only pursuit; a fervent ambition also drives them to uncover a way back to their former lives. Yet, amidst the tumultuous battles and tempting distractions, there is a particular allurement that entices their attention - the enigmatic allure of Eri-sensei's mesmerizing F-cup bosom. Along this remarkable odyssey, will Ryofu and Chinkyuu triumph over adversity, and attain the ultimate prize they seek? Indulge in this captivating tale as two warriors, bound by fate and encased in the bodies of innocents, strive to reclaim their lost glory, while simultaneously embarking on an arduous quest to grasp the elusive essence of Eri-sensei's ample cleavage.