Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z Songs Lyrics

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z Songs Lyrics


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Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z Songs
Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z


Released on year:2011

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:13


Introducing the highly anticipated second season of the hit anime series - Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! Brace yourself for more devilish adventures as our mischievous demons return to wreak havoc once again. Prepare to be mesmerized by the thrilling exploits of Azazel and his eccentric group of supernatural companions. Delve into a world where supernatural beings, diabolical magic, and hilarious chaos collide in the most unexpected ways. With a captivating storyline and witty dialogues, this second season promises to deliver an even more engaging and enthralling experience. Dive deeper into the depths of the demon realm as our protagonists face new challenges, encounter bizarre creatures, and unveil shocking surprises along the way. Join us as we embark on this devilishly delightful journey filled with laughter, suspense, and relentless entertainment. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where nothing is as it seems and the line between good and evil is blurred. Don't miss out on the excitement! Tune in for the second season of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san and let yourself be enchanted by the supernatural wonders that await you. Unleash your inner devil and get ready for a wild ride unlike any other!