Youjo Shachou Songs Lyrics

Cute Executive Officer | 幼女社長
Youjo Shachou Songs Lyrics


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Youjo Shachou Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Youjo Shachou

Also Called:Cute Executive Officer | 幼女社長


Released on year:2021

Num Episodes:13


Meet Najimu Mujina, an extraordinary five-year-old girl who holds the prestigious title of CEO at the renowned Mujina Company. While she may seem like your ordinary child, her role as the head honcho comes with a comical twist. Despite her limited understanding of business jargon, Najimu enthusiastically attempts to fulfill her duties as a CEO, often leading to humorous misadventures. However, underneath her innocent and well-intentioned efforts lies a heartwarming desire to make a positive impact on those around her. Join Najimu on her whimsical journey as she inadvertently causes delightful chaos for her hardworking secretary, Yuki Karuizawa, her dedicated colleague, Mayu Warito, and the rest of the Mujina Company team.