Yozakura Quartet Songs Lyrics

Yozakura Quartet Songs Lyrics


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Yozakura Quartet Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Yozakura Quartet


Released on year:2008

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


The enchanting universe of Yozakura Quartet beckons us into a realm where two worlds coexist: the realm of humans and the realm of youkai. While predominantly human in appearance, youkai possess extraordinary physical traits reminiscent of animals, coupled with a host of remarkable abilities. Ordinarily confined to their own world, some youkai have accidentally found their way into the realm of mankind. To foster harmony between these realms, a remarkable city named Sakurashin was constructed within the protective embrace of seven magical trees known as the Seven Pillars. This bustling metropolis serves as a dwelling for both humans and youkai, their coexistence safeguarded by the diligent efforts of the Hizumi Life Counseling Office. At the helm of this extraordinary institution stands Akina Hiizumi, an exceptional teenager endowed with the ancestral aptitude for "tuning" – an extraordinary ability enabling him to banish malicious youkai back to their world, forever ensuring the serenity of Sakurashin. Assisting Akina in his noble cause are a group of admirable young women, including the indomitable 16-year-old youkai mayor, Hime Yarizakura, the town's eloquent telepath and illuminating voice, Ao Nanami, and the enigmatic Kotoha Isone – a prodigious hybrid with the extraordinary power to manifest any object simply by uttering its name. As the influx of new denizens unravels within Sakurashin's confines and unexplained phenomena cast their mysterious shadows, our quartet of guardians, along with their closest confidantes, must remain resolute in their duty to safeguard the city's sanctity. Amidst the delicate balance between the worlds of humans and youkai, they stand as unwavering sentinels, resolute in their quest to preserve harmony and tranquility within the hallowed domain of Yozakura Quartet.