Yu-Gi-Oh! (US) Songs Lyrics

Yu-Gi-Oh! (US) Songs Lyrics


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Yu-Gi-Oh! (US) Songs

Anime Information

Title:Yu-Gi-Oh! (US)


Released on year:2014

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:148


The epic saga of the Fifth Holy Grail War rages on, escalating the stakes to unprecedented heights for each participant. In the midst of this tumultuous battle, Shirou Emiya fiercely clings to his noble quest of becoming the embodiment of justice, a beacon of hope capable of saving all. Driven by an unyielding determination, he embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the enigmatic truth behind a malevolent shadow that haunts the city, leaving a trail of death in its wake. His sole purpose? To triumph over this sinister force. Meanwhile, the treacherous Shinji Matou cunningly sets his machinations in motion, plunging Shirou into a web of danger by exploiting the vulnerability of his dear sister, Sakura Matou. Forced to confront Shinji head-on, Shirou and his ally, Rin Toosaka, strive to liberate Sakura from the clutches of her abusive brother. Yet, as they delve deeper into the twisted secrets of the Matou family, a grim reality unfurls before their eyes, revealing countless hidden horrors lurking in the shadows. Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - II. Lost Butterfly relentlessly brings forth the remaining Masters and their unwavering Servants, locked in fierce combat as they yearn to triumph and claim the legendary Holy Grail. However, as nefarious forces stir within the very heart of Fuyuki City, even the sanctity of this sacred war now hangs in the balance, threatening to plunge everything into disarray. Brace yourself for a captivating tale where darkness and destiny collide, casting an ominous shadow over the fate of all involved.


The incredible film trilogy of Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel is a masterful adaptation of the mesmerizing third route from Type-Moon's renowned visual novel, Fate/Stay Night. Originally released in 2004 for Microsoft Windows, Fate/Stay Night captivated audiences worldwide, leading to an enhanced port known as Fate/Stay Night: Réalta Nua. This extraordinary edition features a magnificent array of enhancements, including full voice acting, breathtaking soundtracks, and exclusive bonus content. As Fate/Stay Night continues to enchant fans, the Heaven's Feel movie trilogy stands as a testament to the stunning craftsmanship of this captivating anime saga.