Yumeria Songs Lyrics

Yumeria Songs Lyrics


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Yumeria Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2019

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:10


On his sixteenth birthday, Tomokazu Mikuri experienced an extraordinary occurrence - a vividly realistic dream in which he found himself witness to a fierce battle between a courageous girl and a colossal floating monstrosity. Much to his bewilderment, upon waking, he discovered that the girl from his dream was inexplicably sleeping right beside him. Intriguingly, Tomokazu soon realizes that his slumber transports him back to this enigmatic dream realm, a phenomenon shared by an increasing number of familiar faces. It is within this ethereal domain that he encounters Silk, a mysterious masked woman who reveals a profound revelation - they are all engaged in a relentless struggle against Faydoom, an ominous force bent on destruction. Furthermore, Tomokazu discovers that it is he who possesses the power to empower these valiant girls in their battle against the formidable monsters that plague their shared dreamscape. Thus, the cycle continues, with Tomokazu amplifying his role as a catalyst for their unwavering fight.