Yurei Deco Songs Lyrics

Yurei Deco Songs Lyrics


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Yurei Deco Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Yurei Deco

Also Called:ユーレイデコ


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


In the sprawling metropolis of Tom Sawyer, a captivating tale unfolds amidst the digital realm. Here, society revolves around an abstract currency known as "Love," a coveted commodity earned through virtual approval. Similar to the online realm of likes and follows, citizens of this augmented reality trade their Love for essential services and the ability to manipulate their appearances using the awe-inspiring Decoration Customizer, or "Deco" for short. Implanting these remarkable hologram devices into the very depths of their eyes from an early age, the government ensures a tranquil existence for the people of Tom Sawyer. However, an enigmatic figure by the name of Phantom Zero disrupts the peace, ruthlessly erasing all Love within their vicinity, leaving a trail of mystery and intrigue in their wake. But amidst this carefully constructed utopia, Berry, a spirited and inquisitive young girl, experiences an unexpected twist of fate. Her Deco malfunctions, granting her a remarkable ability to perceive a hidden presence known as Hack - a master of disguise and inconspicuous pranks. Convinced that Hack is, in fact, the elusive Phantom Zero, Berry bravely embarks on a thrilling pursuit, unaware that she is about to unravel the city's deepest secrets in the process. As her adventures unfold, she discovers that Hack is not alone in his rebellious existence beyond the rules and regulations of Tom Sawyer's societal structure. Indeed, the vibrant facade of this urban wonderland conceals a far darker underbelly. Prepare to be captivated as the dazzling tapestry of Tom Sawyer unravels, revealing hidden truths and woven tales of bravery, rebellion, and the delicate balance between the technologically governed society and the desires of the human spirit.