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Yurikuma Arashi Lyrics
Title: Yurikuma Arashi
Also Called:Yuri Kuma Arashi | Yuri Bear Storm | Love Bullet: Yurikuma Arashi
Released on year:2015
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12


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Humanoid bears have in the past coexisted with humans. A meteor shower that fell on Earth, however, had a curious impact on bears all over the world: they suddenly became vicious and hungry for human flesh, spurring an endless period of violence in which ate man and man shot bear, forgetting their once lively relationship. Thus the "Wall of Severance" was built, which divided the two civilizations and preserved peace.Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino are two lovers attending Arashigaoka Academy who find their relationship under severe threat upon the arrival of two bears who have sneaked through the Curtain of Severance and penetrated the academy.

Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki, the hungry but affectionate bears, seem to see the bear-hating Kureha as more than just another meal, and in getting closer to her, cause an unraveling of secrets that Kureha might not be able to bear.When their relationships trigger the Invisible Storm, a community that holds order within the ideological school, the girls must stand on trial for their love, embarking on a journey of self-discovery on the way to the "promised kiss" of true love..

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Yurikuma Arashi ( Japanese: ユリ熊嵐, lit. "Lily Bear Storm" ) is a Japanese yuri anime TV series created by Silver Link and directed by Ikuhara Kunihiko. The series was first revealed on a website in August 2012, where it was referred to as the "Kunihiko Ikuhara / Penguinbear Project." The series was first broadcast in Japan between 5 January 2015 and 30 March 2015, and is licensed by Funimation in North America. Between February 2014 and April 2016, a manga adaptation drawn by Akiko Morishima was serialized in the Comic Birz magazine of Gentosha and published in English by Tokyopop under the title Yuri Bear Storm.
The name appears to be a reference to Akira Yoshimura's novelization of the Sankebetsu brown bear incident, The Bear Storm ( Japanese: ユリ熊嵐, lit.

"Lily Bear Storm" ), but there is only speculation of some more specific connection than the existence of human-attacking bears..

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