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Yuugen Kaisha Lyrics
Title: Yuugen Kaisha
Also Called:Phantom Quest Corp
Released on year:1994
Num Episodes:4


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In a country where businesses are classified into several subdivisions and entities, a ghost company—the Phantom search company is only one of them. When the city and its inhabitants are threatened by otherworldly supernatural phenomena, Ayaka Kisaragi and her employees are on the job to counter any and all supernatural danger.

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Phantom Quest Corp. ( 幽幻怪社, Yūgen Kaisha ) is a comedy / horror anime developed by Madhouse and Pioneer LDC. It was first published in Japan between 25 August 1994 and 25 February 1995 as a four-pisode original video animation ( OVA ). Pioneer ( now Geneon Universal Entertainment ) released an English-dubbed version in North America shortly afterwards. Phantom Quest Corp Story.It revolves around Ayaka Kisaragi, the director of a Shinjuku business in Tokyo devoted to supporting anyone in need of paranormal assistance.
The title is a play on words: Yūgen Kaisha ( 幽幻怪社, Yūgen Kaisha ) means "limited liability corporation" in Japanese; but when written with different characters, the term yūgen may also mean "the supernatural.

"The music, humor, and action sequences in Phantom Quest Corp have been compared to the parallel manga and anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami.Critics were lauded. But, because of its limited length, these same critics felt it lacked plot structure and character development..

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