Yuusha-Oh Gaogigar Songs Lyrics

Yuusha-Oh Gaogigar Songs Lyrics


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Yuusha-Oh Gaogigar Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Yuusha-Oh Gaogigar


Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the realm of fantastical dreams, Raul Chaser nurtures an unyielding desire to rise as a hero, triumph over the nefarious Demon King, and restore balance to the world. To pursue his noble ambitions, he steps foot into the prestigious Hero Training Program. Yet, as fate would have it, when the Demon King is finally vanquished, an unsettling calm blankets the land, forcing the indefinite suspension of the Hero Training Program. The dream of becoming a hero now appears to be an unattainable mirage, casting a shadow of doubt over Raul's aspirations. Fast forward two years, and Raul now reluctantly finds himself toiling away in the confines of a humdrum electronics store known as Magic Shop Leon. This monotonous existence gnaws at his spirit, leaving him yearning for more. However, the tides of destiny are about to change, as an extraordinary arrival sets the stage for a remarkable transformation. Enter a captivating new employee, initially mistaken for a handsome lad but revealed to be something far more intriguing—a demoness known as Fino Bloodstone. Unraveling her true identity, it becomes evident that she is no ordinary denizen of darkness, as Fino bears the bloodline of the late Demon King. Tasked with the responsibility of guiding and mentoring this eccentric newcomer, Raul's mundane existence takes a sudden and exhilarating turn. In the wake of Fino's arrival, the quiet aisles of the store witness a resurgence of vitality and vibrancy. Raul discovers a world far beyond the mundane routine of retail, one brimming with newfound excitement and unparalleled experiences. The pulse of adventure courses through their veins, forging an unlikely bond between mentor and trainee, as they embark on an extraordinary journey within and beyond the walls of Magic Shop Leon.


The anime series excellently brings to life the captivating narrative from Jun Sakyou's mesmerizing light novel series, which spans over three volumes.