Zegapain Songs Lyrics

Zegapain Songs Lyrics


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Zegapain Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:1992

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


Kyou Sogoru, an average high school student residing in the picturesque Maihama City, leads a seemingly ordinary life. With his passion for swimming, camaraderie with friends, and avid gaming sessions, he basks in the usual teenage pursuits. However, the tranquility of his routine is soon shattered when an enigmatic beauty named Shizuno Misaki approaches him with a peculiar proposition—a joint plunge into their school's pool. In a twist of fate, this daring leap thrusts Kyou into a realm embroiled in a relentless conflict. Amidst the chaos, humans, leveraging their indomitable Zega war machines, combat the relentless Gards-Orm invaders. Engineered as the last line of defense, the valiant warriors congregate under the banner of Cerebrum, a rebel faction fighting tooth and nail to safeguard humanity from annihilation. As Kyou immerses himself in the heart of the battle, forging bonds with fellow Zega pilots and bearing witness to countless harrowing tragedies, his once steadfast understanding of both this dystopian reality and his own existence begins to unravel. Doubt and introspection plague his mind, probing the depths of an elusive truth that lies beyond the grim facade.