Zenki Songs Lyrics

Zenki Songs Lyrics


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Zenki Songs

Anime Information



Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Once upon a time, an epic clash reverberated through the ages - a titanic showdown between the mighty mage Enno Ozuno and the malevolent demon goddess, Karuma. With dire circumstances looming, Enno reached out for aid, calling forth Zenki, a formidable guardian demon. As the intense battle unfolded, Enno's strength wavered, leading him to seal away Zenki within an ancient temple column. Fast forward 1,200 years to the present day, where Chiaki, a descendant of Enno, gracefully navigates her life in the enchanting town of Shikigami-cho. By day, she guides curious tourists, and by night, she engages in exorcisms to sustain herself. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when two audacious thieves infiltrate the town, seeking to unlock the Ozuno temple's seal and uncover its concealed riches. Alas, their foolish act inadvertently unleashes a sinister force that forcefully attaches itself to the malefactors, transforming them into grotesque demonic entities. Aghast, Chiaki finds herself at the mercy of these relentless fiends as they rampage through the revered temple. Now, it falls upon the courageous heir of Enno's bloodline to wield her inherited powers and conjure the indomitable Zenki. Bound by duty and driven by the preservation of Shikigami-cho, Chiaki sets forth on a perilous quest to eradicate these unholy foes, knowing full well that their defeat will serve as a testament to her unwavering resolve against future forces of evil.