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Zero Tester Lyrics
Title: Zero Tester
Released on year:1973
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:38


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The job of the Armanoid aliens, who plan to conquer Earth, turns out to be a series of space incidents. At the Future Technology Innovation Center Professor Tachibana gathers a team around him and plans five state-of - the-art vehicles for Shin, Go, Lisa and Captain Kenmotsu. In 38 episodes, three of the Tester vehicles combine to make the giant robot Zero Tester, which sees successfully off the Armanoid invasion. The remainder of the show, titled ZT: Save Earth! (Chikyu wo Mamotte!) was directed at a younger age group and featured a new Gallos aliens attack on them.

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Zero Tester ( ゼロテスター, Zerotesutā ) is a series of anime mechas created by Sunrise and Crystal Art Studio.
It consists of 66 episodes and was originally broadcast on Fuji TV. The first 39 episodes tell of Armanoid aliens' attempted invasion of the planet, while the remaining 27 episodes, with the series Zero Tester: Save the World! ( Chikyu o Mamotte! ) is about an invasion by aliens from Gallos.
According to the The Anime Encyclopedia by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy, it was "an early gathering of many of the future grands of anime, particularly for the Gundam series."

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